Dennis Lloyd Martin Disappearance Case
Great Smoky Mountains National Park
June 14, 1969

This document revised March 19, 2017

This page is to describe the disappearance, in broad daylight, 
of 6-year-old Dennis Lloyd Martin of Knoxville, Tennessee, 
from an open meadow with bushes, along the Appalachian Trail, 
with two families nearby.

The images below are screen shots of a video presenting a 
segment of the Coast to Coast AM show, hosted by George Noory, 
with guest and retired police detective David Paulides.  The
images would have been provided by David Paulides.  The video 
is posted at:

Image below shows Dennis Martin prior to his disappearance:

Image below shows national park where Dennis went missing:

Image below shows SPENCE FIELD, where two families, surnamed
Martin, had stopped and were allowing their kids to play hide-
and-seek.  After one "hide" in which Dennis ducked into the
nearby tree line for about 5 minutes, Dennis did not return:

Image below shows map of general area, with SPENCE FIELD at
the lower center:

Image below shows additional detail.  A family surnamed Key 
had no knowledge of Dennis' disappearance as they hiked up 
Rowan Creek about an hour later.  The Key family heard a 
terrible scream, and reported seeing a figure which was 
confused with a bear at first but then seen as a man, in the 
Rowan Creek area.  David Paulides reports that park officials 
theorize the figure may have been a "wild man," i.e. a man 
sometimes called a "survivalist," who prefers to live primi-
tively in the bush, and dresses in furry animal pelts:

Image below is Google Earth's display in response to searching
for SPENCE FIELD, Tennessee.  The area below the Appalachian
Trail does appear to be possibly a once-open field, filled in 
somewhat with trees, (which is entirely possible given the 48 
years since the incident):

Image below is a black and white photo of SPENCE FIELD taken
during the investigation of Dennis' disappearance:

Image below shows Dennis' father discussing the search for
Dennis with rangers:

Image below looks up slope along Rowan Creek, where the Key
family hiked an hour after Dennis' disappearance, heard the
loud scream, and saw the figure first called a bear but then
described as man-like:

Image below looks along the Rowan Creek hiking trail, where
the figure first thought to be a bear, then a man, was seen
hiding, apparently hiding from the Key family:

Image below shows retired ranger and chief tracker Dwight
McCarter.  Mr. McCarter alerted William Martin, Dennis' 
father, about the Key family's reports which were quite 
possibly related to Dennis' disappearance:

[This document was originated March 19, 2017.]