For most of my life (I'm in my 70s now) I was very
skeptical about "animal communicators."  These folks
claimed to be able to telepathically communicate with

Well, about a decade ago, I had a very special friend,
a beautiful young grey squirrel in a park near my
home, whom I had named Annie.  We had bonded to where
I could touch her.  I was living in a medium-sized
city in southern Ontario, Canada.

One day, Annie suddenly disappeared, and never came

A few years later, I decided, what the heck, why don't
I try one of these "animal communicators" and see if 
they can contact Annie and find out where she went.

I contacted one of the communicators on Penelope Smith's
web site above, which includes a comprehensive directory
of North American animal communicators.  I picked one
who had good testimonials, and was featured in a book
titled "Animals and the Afterlife."  (See

I won't name her, just because I don't have permission,
but her name isn't what is important here.

When she contacted Annie, Annie reported she was in the

When the communicator asked Annie why she disappeared,
Annie replied "A tuxedo cat killed me."

That really got my attention.  The communicator was in
California, and could not have known that there just
happened to be a tuxedo (black with white bib) cat who
had been hanging around the area where Annie's tree den 

That proved to my satisfaction that animal communicators
are legitimate professionals.

Beyond that, the book "Animals and the Afterlife" is full
of testimonials from pet owners who report that their
communicators, again and again, report back things that
the communicator had no way to know.

Favourite toys, for example.

Reputable communicators have said in youtube videos that
a genuine communicator will NOT ask the pet owner a lot
of questions ahead of time.  They don't need to, because
they get their information directly from the animal, and
that is just as easy whether the animal is still living 
or has passed on.

How blessed are those of us who are able to accept this
beautiful aspect of life!

Eleanor White